Facial roller – a must in the beauty routine

Facial roller – a must in the beauty routine


Facial rollers make the skin glow, soften small wrinkles and contribute to relaxation through a gentle facial massage . To make these promises a reality, choosing the right model and using it correctly are crucial. At Konsens®, we’ve researched the most important information about facial rollers and summarized it for you in the following blog post.


What is a facial roller?

This beauty tool is now indispensable from any video on beauty routines in the social media channels. It is also known as a beauty roller or facial massage roller.

A small oval roller is attached to a handle that fits snugly in the palm of your hand. It is particularly smooth to ensure easy handling . Many rely on natural stone for this, which is said to have a positive effect on the skin beyond the massage. Konsens® comes up with something brand new! –  wood. We swear by this material.


Effect of the roller on the skin

Regular massage of certain parts of the face helps tighten the skin . In addition, water retention is removed, and  swelling is reduced . This is especially helpful in the morning when the eye area is a little swollen. The cooling effect of the roller also helps. However, the correct massage technique needs to be learned and is not that easy. Excessive pressure or pulling the skin too hard are counterproductive. In addition, our hands are true bacteria catchers, which becomes a problem especially for skin prone to impurities. The facial massage roller is an excellent way to effectively massage and tone without stressing the skin. The gentle massage stimulates blood circulation , making the complexion look fresher. Especially in the cold season, when the skin looks sallow in the morning, treatment with the beauty roller can work wonders.

Serums and creams with anti-aging ingredients can be better worked into the skin with the help of a face roller and wrinkles can be significantly reduced . Incidentally, the massage helps to relax in the evening and can even relieve headaches by stimulating the temple and forehead area. Smaller wrinkles do not disappear through treatment with the roller, but they are alleviated in the short term. By stimulating blood circulation and facial muscles, the complexion appears firmer. A permanent improvement of the skin’s appearance also contributes to a visible anti-aging effect.


The right application

In order for the beauty roller to fully develop its positive effects, the right application is crucial. Incorporated into the care routine in the morning, the roller unfolds its invigorating effect. In the evening, it provides relaxation before going to bed. How to use the roller correctly:

  •  First, thoroughly clean the face. Make-up, dead skin particles, bacteria, dirt, sweat and excess sebum must be removed. In the morning, too.
  •  Then the serum or active ingredient cream is applied. Different serums are recommended for the morning and the evening, as you want to achieve different effects.
  •  Now the face roller is used. Always roll against gravity , ie from the center of the face outwards and from the bottom upwards. This is essential to tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles . The pressure should be pleasantly felt, you should never press firmly. This does not strengthen the effect! The eyes are the most sensitive part of the face, so start the facial massage there. With gentle outward stroking movements, each eye area should be treated for about 30 seconds. The forehead is treated with movements from the bridge of the nose towards the hairline, and over the eyebrows to the ears. This is followed by a massage of the cheeks and jaw area from the chin towards the ears. The neck and décolleté can also be treated, and should always be included in your care routine.
  • Cleaning the roller is almost as important as cleaning the face. After use, wash it thoroughly with lukewarm water only. The most important thing after that is to dry the roller quite well. This will prevent future skin blemishes.


Konsens® is the first brand to use wooden facial roller

As a trendsetter in the beauty industry, we rely on a new material for facial massage rollers: wood. When it comes to sustainability, this renewable natural material has become indispensable. It is not only ecological, but also unfolds its special effect when used on people.


Wood – an amazing natural material

Wood appeals to all our senses . The smell is demonstrably calming, certain types of wood such as Swiss stone pine can even slow down the heartbeat. We like to touch wood, it feels pleasantly soft and warm. It’s not for nothing that real wood furniture, Swiss stone pine beds and wooden houses are all the rage. Also, in the beauty scene the effects of the material are well-known. The essential oils contained, so the skin impurities and help with acne and other skin problems. But it also appeals to our sense of sight. There is hardly any other material that we like to look at as much as wood. Touching a wooden surface gives people a feeling of security and naturalness . We associate it with quality and high-grade workmanship.


Working in better the Konsens® serum

Whether you use Hyaluronic Anti-Aging Serum for mature skin, Oil Control for combination skin or Multi-Vitamin Serum for dry skin, depends entirely on your skin type . In any case, you should work the serum in with the wooden face roller. The effectiveness of the serum will be significantly increased, and your skin appearance will improve much faster.

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