Peptides in cosmetics – what are they good for?

Peptides: innovative multi-talents for a fresh complexion

Cosmetic products today consist of highly effective ingredients that counteract skin aging. Peptides have gained in importance in recent years. This group of active ingredients renews the skin cells and ensures a radiant complexion. Creams and cosmetics with peptide compounds are a good and pleasant alternative to cosmetic procedures.


Small building blocks with great effect

Peptides are organic compounds consisting of amino acids. The individual amino acid molecules are connected to each other via so-called peptide compounds. In this way, entire peptide chains with an individual chemical structure are formed. The molecules are fundamental for the formation of amino acids and proteins. The small building blocks are found in human, animal and plant cells. Depending on their composition they fulfil different functions. Some peptide compounds regulate the metabolism within the cells, have anti-inflammatory or antibacterial effects. It is therefore not surprising that the multi-talented ingredients are the innovative active ingredients of many beauty products.


Innovative cosmetics with peptide compounds

Elasticity and vitality are the basis for a healthy and beautiful skin. The structural protein collagen gives the skin firmness. It is also found in connective tissue, finger and foot nails, hair and bones. The older we get, the more unstable the collagen framework becomes. Wrinkles develop. The right peptide compounds specifically stimulate collagen formation. The molecules trigger cell activities that increase collagen production. The result is improved skin elasticity, wrinkle depth is reduced and expression lines are visibly smoother. The skin’s appearance is regenerated and appears more youthful and fresh. Peptides are usually produced synthetically for use in beauty products. Companies that produce peptides for cosmetic products regularly carry out in-vitro tests to prove the effectiveness of the ingredients.


Effective mitigation of the signs of the times

Peptides are contained in many high-quality cosmetics. They already reduce visible signs of aging without the need for a scalpel or Botox injection. As each peptide has an individual structure, the mode of action of the different protein building blocks is also different. In cosmetic products peptides are often used which stimulate the collagen production. Interesting is also the combination with other ingredients. Peptides with anti-inflammatory effects support a pleasant skin feeling. Argireline, also known as acetyl-hexapeptide 3, reduces wrinkles particularly effectively. As an ingredient in a high-quality cream or facial serum, Argireline is a good alternative to Botox treatments. The substance alleviates the contraction of the facial muscles by muscle relaxation.

Thus, small expression lines can be reduced completely painlessly and pleasantly without injecting an active ingredient under the skin. The peptide reaches the different skin layers by applying a cream or serum. The natural aesthetics and facial expressions are preserved with the cosmetic products in contrast to Botox treatment.

Peptides in cosmetics

It depends on the combination

Other ingredients support the smoothing effect of the cosmetic products. Hyaluronic acid or hyaluron is another important component of the connective tissue besides collagen. Hyaluron stores water. This storage capacity is important for the regulation of the moisture content of the skin. In this way, hyaluron supports the effect of anti-aging products. Vitamins (e.g. vitamin C, retinol) in creams and serums additionally stimulate the regenerative capacity.


Using the strengths of the peptides

Cosmetics containing peptides are often referred to as miracle cures with an anti-aging effect or miracle weapons against wrinkles. A major strength is the positive effect of cosmetic products on the skin’s appearance. A younger and fresher complexion is possible without expensive and unpleasant cosmetic procedures. Cosmetic products with peptides are well tolerated and easy to use. There is a suitable product for every individual skin type. Peptides can greatly improve the skin appearance. The high effectiveness and a naturally fresh and young skin appearance are a convincing result. A long-term application of the peptide-containing beauty products is essential for a convincing result. With short-term use, the original skin condition is restored after a certain time. We therefore recommend continuous care with peptide-containing products.


Further tips for a beautiful skin appearance

Intense sunlight leads to premature skin aging. A cream with sun protection factor is essential during the day for those who are frequently exposed to the sun. Of course, beauty also comes from within. A healthy diet, regular exercise and sufficient water intake are also good for you. Vitamin preparations and collagen cures to be taken support you on the way to your desired skin appearance. A sensible combination of different approaches helps to achieve the best possible beauty effect.


Ideal care basis: KONSENS Anti-Aging Serum

We recommend finding the right care for your individual skin type as early as possible. This will counteract the first signs of skin aging in the long term. The KONSENS Hyaluronic Anti-Aging Serum is an all-rounder which smoothes wrinkles, reduces hyperpigmentation and ensures an even skin appearance thanks to complex, coordinated active ingredients. The serum feels pleasantly light, stimulates cell regeneration and collagen formation and supplies the individual skin layers with important nutrients and moisture. Use the light serum in the morning and evening under your day or night cream for best results.

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