Whatever we do, from product formulas to packaging and distribution, we do it KONSENS.

Our own beauty is insignificant without the beauty of our planet. KONSENS is aware that there is no plan B. Therefore, it is important as a company to give back and to be a good role model. Considerate treatment of nature, animals, and people are essential for the survival of this valuable ecosystem.

Packaging Philosophy

The glass container is recyclable, and the packaging is made of 100% recyclable materials. The packaging material consists of old cardboard boxes and newspapers, which are intended for disposal. All these valuable cellulose fibers are subjected to a pressure heating process, which results in a strong, highly efficient, and non-toxic composite board. The packaging is therefore 100% recycled and USDA certified. 


Social Engagement

With the claim “to be the best self every day and be in harmony with the environment”, KONSENS is involved in various social projects. The packaging consists of handmade units and is produced in a workshop that enables handicapped people to carry out their daily work. For KONSENS, it is important that you as a customer know that a part of your money goes into social projects. KONSENS does not close its eyes to daily suffering and gives from the heart and with full consciousness.