Tighten skin without scalpel and injection

At the age of 20, the idea of having a wrinkled face and sagging skin in 30 years, is still very Utopian. In the bloom of youthful beauty, you tend to think that the ravages of time simply pass you by.

But after your 50th birthday at the latest, a look in the mirror will teach you otherwise. It really happened! Now a slight feeling of panic sets in, combined with an urgent desire to take action. How could this happen?

Why does our skin get saggy?

Everyone is confronted with this reality at some point. The natural aging of the skin skips nobody. Some are only blessed with the famous good genes and tight skin tissue. So, it takes a little longer for the facial contours to yield to gravity. A healthy lifestyle is also an important ally in the fight against skin aging. The skin is able to renew itself constantly – at any age. The fact is, however, that it takes longer and longer to do this as the years of life progress.

In fact, the aging process begins around the age of 25. Blood circulation is reduced, which results in slower cell renewal. The removal of toxins and waste products is also slowed down.

About 10 years later the supply of moisture also begins to decline, the sebaceous glands function more slowly. The increasing dehydration of the skin causes the first wrinkles and lines to appear.

Around the 45th birthday, women now also experience the first signs of menopause. The less estrogen and progesterone is produced, the more collagen production decreases. As a consequence, skin becomes thinner, mainly around the eyes and mouth, but also on the cleavage and neck.

Finally, in the mid-50s, the fatty tissue of the subcutaneous layer is also reduced. The facial features become increasingly blurred. The skin structure appears dry and thin, with some blood vessels shining through.

How can the skin be tightened?

Of course, it would be recommended to take care of anti-aging as early as possible. But even those who have missed this can still do something. Even beyond the age of 50 there are effective methods to rejuvenate the skin.

Going to a beauty doctor is certainly the easiest way. But cosmetic surgery is not for everyone, not to mention the risks that every procedure entails. The Botox injection provides firm skin, but turns the face into a mask.

Thread lifting and hyaluronan injections are further alternatives. However, they are still minor procedures. In fact, all these methods are very costly, as they require regular corrective surgery.

If you don’t want to lie down on the operating table, and if you are not a friend of injections and other procedures, don’t worry. There are very effective alternatives for skin tightening.

Anti-aging: Tighten skin without surgery

Here are a few suggestions on how to tackle your wrinkles the gentle way and how to tighten your skin – all in the privacy and comfort of your own bathroom.

Dermaroller (micro-needling)

For so-called micro-needling, a roller with a small, movable roll is used. This roller is equipped with small needles, which can be up to 0.5 mm long for the household use. They are used to treat the skin of the face, and cause only slight injuries to the skin. This way the collagen production is stimulated. This procedure requires some practice and also strict hygiene. Micro-needling is not suitable for everyone. Anyone who has to take blood thinners or suffers from couperosis (genetically caused dilation of the vessels in the face) or rosacea (chronically inflamed facial skin, second stage of couperosis) should definitely consult a doctor beforehand.

Face roller

The treatment with a face roller is definitely more pleasant and bloodless. The rollers made from healing stones or wood (Madero) are the new it-pieces of the beauty bloggers.

But the massage rollers are not so new, as they have been used in traditional Chinese medicine since the 7th century.

The best known are the face rollers with jade, but they can also be with rose quartz, rock crystal or even wood. They have rolling heads of different sizes. The larger one is suitable for the forehead and cheeks, the smaller one for the eye area. With gentle pressure, similar to acupressure, you roll over the face. This way the blood and lymph flow are stimulated. Toxins can be removed faster; the face looks fresher and plumper. The cooling stones and wood are extremely beneficial and can reduce swelling of the eyes.

The treatment becomes more effective when high-quality care products are used in combination with the derma roller or face roller.


Facial massages using the hands are relaxing and soothing. They also act like lymph drainage and stimulate the blood circulation. Toxins are removed faster, and the facial skin is more efficiently supplied with oxygen and nutrients. If you use products with hyaluronic acid during the massage, the effect can be even stronger. Hyaluronic acid is especially effective in a serum.

Hyaluronic acid as a wonder weapon for firm skin

Hyaluronic acid especially has proven itself in the fight against wrinkles. It is a body-own substance that acts like a high-performance water depot. In this way it maintains firm skin and connective tissue, supplies the cells with nutrients and protects them from free radicals and UV rays.

Unfortunately – you already can guess it – the production of hyaluron is reduced with increasing age. In order to tighten the facial skin, hyaluronic acid has to be supplied from the outside. This works best with a high-quality hyaluronan serum. Another power substance is Argireline. The active ingredient belongs to the so-called peptides. These are organic compounds containing amino acids. Especially the six-chain acetyl hexapeptide 3, also called hexapeptide Argireline, slows down the release of neurotransmitters responsible for the contractions of facial muscles. The effect is astounding, which is why Argireline has been considered an effective Botox alternative for around 10 years.

Hyaluronic acid and Argireline are the two active ingredients with the most lasting effect against wrinkles and sagging contours.

Gesichtspflege Creme auf der Hand

Creams and serums

Regular care of the face with high-quality creams and serums is indispensable in the beauty routine.

When choosing these products, it is important to focus on excellent quality and active ingredients. It is advisable to make sure that the ingredients used in a product are as harmless to your health as possible – there are various independent portals where you can check the ingredients: Skin angels or Codecheck we gladly recommend.

It is obvious that it is important to establish a routine, and use these products regularly and consistently.

Healthy lifestyle

It may sound  like a cliché, but a balanced diet, sufficient exercise and plenty of sleep are also anti-aging aids that should not be underestimated. This also includes enough fluids. Water is not only vital, it is a beauty elixir. At least 2 liters of water a day ensure plump, firm skin.

Tight skin – it can be that easy

Tight skin is not so difficult to maintain. A healthy lifestyle combined with the right care – that’s all it takes to outsmart the signs of aging. This is especially successful with the Power Anti-Aging Serum from Konsens®.

This is how skin care can be fun!

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