It’s high time to feel complete in your own skin.



Story about Konsens

Mission & Vision

KONSENS is a dedicated team of strong women, who together have decades of experience in chemistry, medicine, and cosmetology. Women who support other women, and of course men, and encourage them to feel like their best selves, and to be in harmony with themselves and the environment.

This high-end brand was created with sense and passion, like all good things in life. In the search for excellent and effective cosmetics that enhance inner harmony and well-being, KONSENS has found a way to ignite your inner and outer beauty. It is time for conscious decisions! Those you make with your mind, and that you feel good about in your heart.


The product range of KONSENS includes high-tech cosmetics in the luxury segment and focuses on the latest generation of skincare. The innovative formulations are the results of many years of experience in the sector of chemistry, medicine, and cosmetics. KONSENS is always on the lookout for exceptional and effective ingredients, which are then processed into exclusive cosmetics using the latest technologies in the high-tech laboratory. No raw material is too precious for KONSENS. Based on evidence-supported studies, customer needs, and harmony with the environment, noble, effective, and sustainable mixtures are created. KONSENS is devoted to customers as well as to nature.

The cosmetic concept of KONSENS is inspired by nature. We strive for the highest quality and live by proposed values on all levels.

Values & Quality

Fascination, curiosity, and innovative spirit are some of the strengths of KONSENS. Enough space is created for the new and the unusual. The broad horizon, as well as the enthusiasm for all people and different cultures, inspire KONSENS to create innovative luxury products. KONSENS invites you to step into a new high-end cosmetic sphere. Don’t miss any beauty news and sign up for the newsletter here.

Switzerland is the home of KONSENS and we are therefore convinced that Swiss quality is expressed, above all, in the guarantee that only the best is good enough. Swiss science and traditions are the basis for the entire assortment. Consideration, respect, and transparency are further values anchored in the practice of KONSENS.

KONSENS places emphasis on social commitment, environmental protection, and sustainability.

Whatever we do, from product formulas to packaging and distribution, we do it KONSENS.

Hyauron anti-aging Creme

Passion of Konsens

KONSENS products are produced in small series to always ensure maximum freshness. Only carefully selected and fresh, raw materials will get into the flacon. The skin deserves the best and freshest drops. KONSENS shines from the joy of life and kindness. This is not only noticeable in direct and personal contact with customers and partners, but also in the virtual world.

Nothing is left to chance, which is why everything is handmade. In this way, a generous portion of love can be given to each product. The passion of KONSENS is to produce luxury cosmetics with loving and careful handwork.

It's time to be KONSENS. It's time for skincare revolution and for conscious decisions. Activate your senses.