Impurities, Acne & Pimples

Clear skin is the key to healthy skin. It’s important to understand your skin’s needs before starting an effective skincare routine. When we rave about skincare, we mean science-based methods to improve skin health. Daily cleansing as well as care is essential for clean and healthy skin. We are happy to advise you.
AHA + BHA Tonic
CHF 10.00CHF 22.00
Anti-Acne Soap
CHF 18.00
CHF 155.00CHF 165.00
Multi-Vitamin Tonic
CHF 10.00CHF 22.00
Oil Control Cream
CHF 18.00CHF 42.00
Oil Control Serum
CHF 27.00CHF 54.00
Oil Control Tonic
CHF 10.00CHF 22.00
Travel Set
CHF 72.00CHF 77.00
Wild Rose Oil
Wild Rose Oil
CHF 22.00