Tired skin – how to make it glow again



Anyone who suffers from tired skin quickly appears fatigued, exhausted or even ill. If the skin looks sallow and perhaps even has a gray haze, then this clouds our appearance. The causes for attacked skin structures can be of different nature. In most cases, our lifestyle is reflected in our skin appearance. An unhealthy diet, a lot of stress or lack of sleep can harm our look. With a few tips however, it’s easy to combat tired skin tired skin and restore natural glow. 

How to make tired skin glow?

A combination of different factors helps with tired skin. On the one hand, you should make sure to strengthen your body from the inside out. On the other, you should also be using the right skincare to make the skin glow from the outside.


How can the skin glow from the inside out?

In addition to various beauty products applied externally, we can also support our skin health in other ways. One important aspect of looking youthful and fresh is adequate sleep. It is not for nothing that people talk about the so-called beauty sleep. Bedtime is an important phase for our body to regenerate cells. In addition, cells are also renewed during this time. If our body is in the deep sleep phase, increased growth hormones are released. These also ensure tightening and radiant skin. If, on the other hand, we don’t sleep enough, our facial skin becomes slack. This leads to wrinkles and skin impurities forming more frequently. The recommendation is 7-8 hours of sleep. Also, you should make sure that your pillowcase is changed regularly. Sweat, skin flakes and sebum collect here over the days. This, in turn, can contaminate our skin after a long period of time. A second important pillar is fluid intake. Here, above all, we should drink plenty of water. Only if our body is supplied with sufficient liquids, an effective blood circulation takes place. The same applies to the oxygen supply and the activation of our metabolism. As a result, the skin looks plump, clean and fresh. As an alternative to water, you can also drink unsweetened teas. Especially during high temperatures, the fluid intake should be increased. The third helper for the optical glow is oxygen. Not only our lungs inhale oxygen, but also our largest organ, the skin. Oxygen saturation can be increased by ventilating regularly and taking longer walks. Exercise also stimulates blood circulation. This leads to increased oxygen uptake by the body. Cell renewal is stimulated, and the skin appearance improves. The right diet is just as important. Through an unhealthy diet, our skin appearance changes negatively. Likewise, our skin picture improves if we use a balanced diet. This means that we should pay particular attention to taking as many vitamins as possible. Among them should especially be vitamins A, C & E. Zinc is also important for stimulating cell growth. Proteins promote collagen formation and provide the skin with moisture. Cell growth is supported by the intake of healthy fats, and fat-soluble vitamins can be transported. A balanced diet includes above all plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as healthy fats from fish or nuts. Many foods also contain a high proportion of antioxidants, which are effective against cell toxins. Certain stimulants though, should be avoided. These include above all alcohol and cigarettes, but also industrial sugar. Alcohol dries out our skin. Cigarettes cause the pores to clog, wrinkles to form and our skin to look fall. Increased sugar consumption results in blemished skin and increased wrinkling.

Which care products should you use?

Basically, you should use a care product that corresponds to your own skin type. You should also be careful not to over-care for your skin, but to dose all products carefully. If you shower too often and use cleansers, you can quickly destroy the skin’s natural protective film. As a rule, the products should not contain fragrances or alcohol. Here, you should look for a mild formula that has a skin-soothing and antibacterial effect. Care products should be applied both in the morning and in the evening. Particularly in summer, you should use an adequate sun protection factor. Creams should contain as much moisture as possible, instead of fat. A face mask or peeling is also recommended once or twice a week. This stimulates blood circulation and removes dead skin cells. Skincare products should also contain vitamin A. The additives retinol or retinoid additionally support cell renewal. The skin structure improves and fine wrinkles are prevented. Pores are also reduced in size. With the help of the so-called microdermabrasion, the upper skin layer is removed like in a peeling. This stimulates the skin cells to renew themselves.

What effect does personal lifestyle have on the appearance of our skin?

If we eat an unhealthy diet, do not exercise enough and suffer from high stress, then after some time this will also be seen in our skin appearance. On this point, the concept of mindfulness is also an important keyword. We should regularly allow ourselves time out and refuel our energy reserves. Especially those of you who are regularly under high stress and pressure, for example due to work, should ensure an appropriate balance in your free time. Sport is particularly important  for the reduction of stress hormones. Beautiful experiences and personal happiness make us glow from the inside out and keep our body healthy and fit. In general,  lack of exercise,  lack of sleep, smoking and excessive stress lead to a deterioration of the skin’s appearance.


The MULTI-VITAMIN serum by Konsens

A skincare product we recommend for the enhancement of your appearance is the Multi-Vitamin Serum by Konsens. This amazing elixir supplies the skin with loads of important vitamins and ensures that the process of skin aging is slowed down. It supplies the skin cells with necessary moisture, resulting in a fresh and radiant complexion. In addition, it activates collagen formation, as well as elastin production. The skin cells are also supported in their regeneration and protected from harmful environmental influences. Introduce this serum to your daily routine and experience the beauty of glowing, nourished skin.

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