Why is a serum a necessity in face care?

Day cream, night cream, tonic, eye care, lip balm … Your bathroom cabinet is already well filled? Do you really need a serum for your facial care as well? The answer is short and simple: Yes!

Because serums are like the icing on the cake of skin care.

The miracle cures, which usually come in pipettes or ampoules, are a treatment mix of highly concentrated ingredients that act like beauty power boosters. Whether your skin is dealing with wrinkles, lack of moisture, impurities, a dull complexion or dry spots – there is a suitable product for every skin problem. We will explain to you what these all-rounders can do and how to find the right product for your face.


What is the difference between tonics, creams and serums?

The most significant difference is the structure, and therefore the working of the products. Simply put: toner, serum and cream complement each other in a similar way to base coat, varnish and top coat for manicures.

Step one – the base – after cleaning is the toner. A toner has an almost liquid, water-like consistency. It is primarily used to re-balance the pH value of the skin after cleansing, and prepare it for the next care steps.

Step two – now comes the serum – the varnish. Serums consist of highly concentrated active ingredients in small molecular structures.  These are able to penetrate deep into the epidermis and unfold their miraculous effects there.

Step three – Finally, apply your day or night cream – the sealant. This consists of larger molecules that are less able to penetrate deeply into the skin layers. Creams lies on the face like a protective mantle, protecting it from environmental influences.


person-holding-serum-bottleWhat is a serum?

Hyaluronan, vitamins, thermal water, amino acids – the ingredients of many serums may also be found in your day and night creams. What makes the difference to basic skin care is the high concentration of active ingredients and the carrier. That’s why just a few drops from an ampoule or bottle are enough for the beauty boosters to develop their full care power. Particularly practical: If your skin care needs a change due to seasons, environmental influences or hormone fluctuations, you can simply switch the serum you use. In this manner, you can adapt your base skin cream with the appropriate active ingredient complex precisely to your acute needs. You don’t need to buy a new cream every time. In the end, this not only saves money, but also saves your skin from having to get used to a new cream every time.


How do I find the right serum for my needs?

The good news first: From acne to anti-aging – there is a suitable serum for every skin problem and need. In order for the product to unfold its full effect, it is important that the ingredients match your skin type.

Anti-Aging for mature skin

If the fight against wrinkles, their prevention and reduction, is at the top of your priority list, the best thing to do is to use an anti-aging serum or a hyaluronan serum. Active ingredients such as hyaluronic acids, retinol, ferulic acids, peptides or glycolic acids are particularly effective in fighting the signs of the times.

The Hyaluronic serum from Konsens® contains for example NovHyal, a 3rd generation hyaluronic acid. This has been shown to strengthen the connection between the dermis and epidermis within the first 10 days of use. At the same time, a reduction in wrinkle depth by 15%, and wrinkle volume by 13%, was observed after only 15 days.
Another potential ingredient in this serum is the peptide Argireline. It is known as the non-toxic, safe alternative to Botox. Already after the first 7 days of application, studies have shown a reduced wrinkle length and volume of 15.9% and 20.6% respectively.

Even if anti-aging is not yet a priority for you, but you suffer from a lack of moisture or even dry, flaky, cracked areas, hyaluronic acid is the number one active ingredient for you. If the serum also contains aloe vera, feelings of tension will soon be a thing of the past – promised!

Oil-Control for combination skin

Your problem is exactly the opposite of dryness? You have an oily complexion, which often has impurities as unpleasant side effect? Then a product with non-comedogenic ingredients is the right one for you. With a highly effective combination of various hyaluronic acids, the super strengths of salicylic acid, sulphur, phytic acid, witch hazel and farnesol regulate sebum production, refine pores, combat impurities and prevent the formation of new ones. The light formula is quickly absorbed, moisturizes and immediately leaves the complexion matte and even.

Unfortunately, combination skin is often dehydrated and tends to dry skin areas. The combination of witch hazel and high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acids, as for example in the Oil-Control Serum by Konsens®, can soothe and at the same time moisturize combination skin. The active agent witch hazel, which is contained in it has an astringent (contracting) impact on the pores and has an antibacterial effect. In combination with Undecylenoyl Glycine, witch hazel possesses anti-acne activity. This makes the serum ideal for use on skin prone to pimples. The Oil-Control serum also contains NovHyal, a 3rd generation hyaluronic acid, and the high-molecular hyaluronic acid Tamarindus Indica Seed Gum. These ingredients ensure that the skin is provided with moisture.

Vitamin booster for normal to dry skin

Does your complexion look pale and dull? Then your skin needs exactly what our body needs to radiate a healthy glow: Vitamins! A Multi-vitamin serum, such as the one by Konsens®, ensures a deep and sustained vitamin supply for optimal skin health. The highly effective mix of vitamin F, provitamin B5, hyaluronic acids and green tea extract acts as a protective shield against harmful environmental influences and gives the complexion a youthful, healthy glow. The active ingredient of green tea is known to neutralize free radicals. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect, soothes the skin and slows down the breakdown of collagen. The Multi-Vitamin serum also contains the active ingredient Neodermyl. This anti-aging active ingredient improves skin firmness and elasticity. In the study, it is described as an energy source for aged cells. With the Multi-Vitamin Serum by Konsens® you will certainly make no mistake.

By the way, vitamin supply is also in demand in the fight against pigment spots. This is in the form of vitamin C, which, especially in combination with hyaluronic acid, acts like a freshness kick for the appearance. This duet also has the ability to make color changes and unevenness disappear. However, there are a few things to consider with vitamin C. But more about this in a later report.


How do I apply a serum?

Use a serum as an SOS helper before a big event or an important date – the effect is a real beauty booster. It also works wonders as a permanent part of your daily facial care. For maximum effectiveness, apply a few drops to a moist face, neck and décolleté. Do this in the morning and evening after cleansing. It is best toPerson holding dropper with serum massage in circular movements so that it can penetrate deep into the skin layers. Take your time for the application. The gentle massage stimulates the metabolism. It also stimulates the blood circulation of the cells and improves the absorption capacity of active ingredients. Then use your usual day or night cream as you normally do.

Serums are also excellent as primers under make-up. These all-rounders conjure up a real Hollywood glow and prevent make-up and powder from settling in the pores and wrinkles. Extra bonus: the make-up result looks more even and lasts longer.

Professional trick: for an additional glow, the serums can be mixed with a few drops of jojoba oil. This is also well tolerated by combination skin.


Conclusion: Whether it is hyaluronic serum for the fight against skin aging, booster for the supply of moisture or pimple problem solver: serums should be an essential part of daily facial care with their deep, and just as fast long-lasting effect. Your reflection will soon thank you.

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